Watch the video: Growth by recycling – this is how we do it

We invite you to take a peek at our production plant in Honkajoki, Finland: one of the world’s most efficient refineries of raw materials of an animal origin. Viewing our video, produced in co-operation with Finpro provides an idea of our circular-economy concept created, created half a century ago. This is how we generate growth through recycling:

Honkajoki’s operations are based on a circular-economy model in which we recycle inedible animal-derived by-products generated by farms, abattoirs and meat-cutting plants. This advanced way of operating returns raw materials to nature and puts them to use: as raw materials for generation of energy and for animal feed and fertiliser products.

Our operations are completely self-sufficient, and the production process yields a positive energy balance. The waste heat from our processes is used to heat local greenhouses and farming facilities. Read more about our recycling process here.

Our organic-origin raw materials are used in the production of fertilisers and as a source of nutrients for pet foods and feed products for livestock and fur animals. Read more about our products here.

The video has been produced in co-operation with Finpro. Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland.

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