Responsibility is a lifelong commitment

We process a great share of the by-products generated in Finnish meat industry. Thanks to our resource-wise circular economic concept, 100 % of the organic materials we receive can be utilized and put back in use safely and as energy-efficiently as possible. Responsibility is the carrying power of our operations, and we are committed to promote the same sustainable model also in developing countries.

The growing meat industry needs more responsible actors all over the world, and we want to promote the responsible treatment of by-products globally.

Safe products are a prerequisite for customer satisfaction

Our main task is to supply our customers with high-quality products that are demonstrably 100% pure and safe. It is a prerequisite for our operations and our strongest competitive advantage globally, and we want to ensure that our company has the highest possible expertise to produce products that meet quality standards. Investments in staff competences, quality thinking, error prevention and interaction with customers are an important part of the group’s quality policy.

Circular economy enables a clean environment

Honkajoki Ltd’s concept combines responsible circular economy thinking, agroecology principles and technological innovations. We recover animal by-products, prevent the spread of pathogens, promote the sustainable use of natural resources and minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We are actively seeking new, more sustainable approaches, e.g. by actively cooperating with various research institutes.

High standards and ethics lead our operations

Our operations are guided by a number of national and international authorities. All ingredients are processed in accordance to EU’s legislation on animal by-products. When working abroad, we work closely with local authorities. Trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility guide all our daily operations and we adhere to the highest ethical approaches in our business even when applicable regulations may require less.

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Sustainability report 2018

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Sustainability report 2017

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