Consistently safe raw materials

Honkajoki Oy is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality protein meals and fats. Thanks to their excellent quality, our products are in high demand in global markets. Honkajoki has been granted several certificates for its export products.

Our operations are closely monitored and regulated – our operations are in harmony with the requirements of both society and nature. We process all the raw materials in accordance with the EU’s legislation on animal by-products. This guarantees excellent product safety, which is based on the elimination of animal diseases and reduction of environmental risks. We fulfil our responsibility to society by processing and recycling 170,000 tonnes of animal by-products a year, ensuring that this material returns to the cycle of nature.

In the reuse of raw materials of animal origin, guaranteed safety is of utmost importance. Product safety forms the basis for all Honkajoki Oy’s operations. Our activities are monitored by EU authorities and the Finnish Food Safety Authority. Also, we collaborate with the local authorities to ensure that our procedures comply with the applicable legislation and are safe for all parties. As the traceability of biodiesel is essential for our energy-product customers, we have implemented systems to guarantee this. The end products of our operations are responsibly generated processed animal protein (PAP), animal fat and energy to ensure efficient use of natural resources.

Read our 2017 Sustainability Report here.

Honkajoki Oy’s operations are certified according to the following ISO and EU standards.

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