Growth by recycling

Honkajoki Oy specialises in producing and manufacturing pure raw materials from an animal origin.

Via our operations, we help to ensure that animal-derived raw materials return to the cycle of nature, in line with the principles of a circular economy. Our organic raw materials are used in the manufacturing of fertilisers and as a source of nutrients in pet foods and feed products for livestock and fur animals.  In addition to pure proteins, our processes recover fat, which can be used as a raw material for biodiesel and in the production of cosmetics and industrial greases.

The surplus energy from our production processes is used to heat local greenhouses and process premises in Honkajoki’s industrial area.

In addition to animal feed, fertilisers and raw materials for the energy industry, Honkajoki Oy offers transport services, guidance of various types of materials and consultations regarding the recycling of animal materials and use of Honkajoki products.  Our service activities are closely linked to our ecological principles, which are focused on improving the countryside’s productivity in a sustainable manner.

The company carries out research into and develops ecologically sound production processes; top-notch recycling operations; and improved methods of producing natural fertilisers, animal feeds and raw materials for the bioenergy industry. Our development work is guided by the applicable legislation, research results in various fields and the recommendations of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA).

Established in 1967, Honkajoki Oy is owned by two Finnish food companies, Atria Oyj (50%) and HKScan Oyj (50%). Honkajoki Group also comprises Findest Protein Oy, a subsidiary specialising in exporting produce to Russia.  Currently, our business group employs about 80 skilled professionals. The group’s net turnover for 2016 totalled around 30 million euros.

Did you know that Honkajoki Oy handles all raw materials in compliance with the EU’s legislation on animal by-products and that the traceability of the products plays a central role in the company’s production operations?

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Kari Valkosalo

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